Therapure Air Purifier TPP540 Review

Therapure Air Purifier TPP540 Review weighted by validated customers, permanent HEPA type filters and UV light efficiency in removing allergens, pet dander, dust, microbial agents & more.

The air purification system can filter and capture harmful pollutants while distributing clean air that gives health to your entire atmosphere. Air purifiers will do the job to maintain the quality of pure air in your home at an affordable price.

Unlike filter mechanisms that are integrated into heating and air conditioning systems, air purifiers eliminate contaminants in the air which degrade air quality.


therapure air purifier tpp540 review

Customers through THERAPURE AIR PURIFIER TPP 540 REVIEW touting this product as ultra-efficient in reducing allergens, pet dander, disease-causing microbes, pollen, dust mites, molds, mold, mildew, and dust. It packs a powerful punch to eliminate all foreign air particles from the surroundings. It offers UV protection for germs and permanent HEPA filtration put together to make pure air.


  1. Patented HEMI Spheric HEPA Type Filter

Permanent HEPA type filters efficiently remove allergens and contaminants from the air. Save lots of dollars because you don’t need to replace them with expensive filters that swallow more than you pay for cleaning tools. Reducing the volume of foreign particles purifies the air in homes, offices and other environments.

tpp 540 description

High efficiency particulate filters (HEPA) help improve air conditions such as offices, and home air is now lurking with more pollutants. HEPA filters can remove 99.97% of contaminants of the same size or greater than 0.3 microns. PURIFIER WATER PURIFIER makes the air filtration system (HEPA) clean (no filter to replace).

  1. Germicidal UV Light

Germicidal UV light decreases the survival rate of contaminants that cause diseases such as viruses and bacteria. The air sterilization system offers a series of germicide lamps that emit high range electromagnetic spectrum UV light. The UV lamp at the bottom with a lid allows air to remain for a long time to increase the surface area of purification.

Increasing the time for UV exposure increases the impact of germs from the FIRE PURIFIER. The efficiency of germs increases with the intensity of UV light, exposure time, targeted microbes, the amount of air flow and other factors. UV lamp cover prevents irradiation outside the germicidal chamber. Photocatalyst filters eliminate toxic fumes and volatile natural compounds (VOCs).

  1. Intuitive Digital Control Panel

The Therapure Air Purifier has different controls and settings – including Power ON / OFF, Timer Control, Fan Speed Control, Clean Filter Indicator Light, Night Mode, and ionizer. You can adjust the air purifier to be turned off after a predetermined time duration. Press the “Time” button to set the timer. Each press adds one hour to a maximum of 24 hours.

It offers three levels of fan speed control, viz. LOW, MED, and HI. Press the “Speed” button to change the settings or choose the fan speed you want. The speed level appears on the LED display. Night Mode only turns off the UV lamp blades, and the ionizer turns on the UV lamp to destroy germs in the air and reduce toxic volatile organic compounds.

  1. Air Quality Monitor

THERAPURE displays an Automatic Mode that shows air quality and automatically changes the purification of 5 strong stages. The device streams air through the filter and detects foreign particles in the composition. Automatic mode shows air quality and adjusts fan speed.

If the air condition decreases, fan speed increases (medium and high speed) while an increase causes a decrease (low speed) or turns it off automatically. Purification systems that are controlled by air quality with intelligent sensing and adjustments adjust cleaning to meet the demands of the developing environment. This will detect various conditions in the specified area adjacent to the device in large and medium sized rooms.

  1. Solid and Sturdy Construction

The construction includes locking hooks, air inlet grills, HEPA type filters, UV lamp covers, control panels, UV indicator light blades, air ventilation grills, and UV lamps. This is a no-fuss design that minimizes the number of components to carve out space for air flow and prevents short circuiting or cutting air flow along a multi-tiered purification system.

This also reduces the noise level making its operations tolerable in the office environment. This gadget contains a built-in handle that is attached to a concise device frame making transportation easy. The compressed size of the air purifier makes it suitable for being placed anywhere or even hiding from view.

therapure air purifier tpp 540

Why should you use THERAPURE AIR PURIFIER TPP540?

  1. Convenient Air Quality Indicator and Timer

The device offers an Automatic Mode which will show the ambient air conditions and automatically change the fan speed. Increasing fan speed without your intervention allows it to keep the air clean. You can set it up to 24 hours to carry out a thorough purification process.

  1. UV Light Lamp

The UV light emitted by the lamp will provide the most killer bullets for viruses, bacteria and biological contaminants. Since you don’t need to keep turning it on, controlling the use of lights will extend the life before any replacement.

  1. Filter Indicator Light

The clean air filter indicator will light up every time a permanent HEPA type filter needs cleaning. Keeping the filter clean reduces friction resistance to air flow or filters for efficiency in cleaning air.

  1. Simple Filter Cleaning

You only need to sweep away dust, pet dander, smoke, or other substances attached to the filter at least once every four weeks. The vacuum cleaner will revive the performance of the permanent HEPA type filter. Detachable HEPA type filters will be easily retracted to vacuum.

  1. Multi-Tier Air Purification

The therapure have permanent HEPA-type filters to remove particles from the air and clean them, UV lamps to kill biological contaminants and photocatalysts to remove VOCs such as toxic fumes from the atmosphere. Multi-action purification improves indoor air quality quickly.

tpp 540 product description

Product Benefits

  • Super-quality design for durability
  • Efficiently eliminates smoke, volatile organic compounds, animal dander, pollen, dust, dust mites, mold, and bacteria
  • Three-speed fan setting allows you to choose your preferred cleaning level
  • 24-hour timer for auto power shutoff
  • Night mode dims the control panel light at night
  • Clean filter indicator
  • Air quality indicator and Auto for fan speed adjustment
  • Permanent HEPA-type filter, wear-resistant and no replacement

The Negative Things

  • UV lamps have a life span of 12 months without interruption at full tilt; they need an annual replacement for optimal germ protection

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions (point 5 Questions and answers – you can check Amazon Q/A for help)

  1. How do I remove the filter without damaging it?

Remove the inlet grill by pressing the locking latch. Grasp the filter side frame and remove.

  1. The unit will not operate after some time, how can I troubleshoot?

Inspect to ensure you have installed the filter and inlet grill securely in place. Plug in the power cord and press the power button.

  1. Can I use an all-natural or mild detergent to clean the permanent HEPA-type filter?

No, do not use water and detergents, vacuuming will do the job.

  1. Are lamp replacements readily available?

Yes, there’s a vast market for replacement parts online.

  1. Does this air purifier create ozone?

No, it’s eco-friendly.

Final Verdict

Therapure Air Purifier TPP540 Review commends its efficient multi-tiered purification mechanism which works continuously to remove airborne particulates of various sizes. Intended for medium and large sized rooms, you can increase its purification range by shifting its position as a portable device.

Therapure TPP540 offers a strong and sturdy construction with an intuitive handle. Permanent filter maintenance is easy with vacuum cleaning and no replacement will provide the best for your money. Select the LOW, MED and HI fan settings to run silent whisper operations at night or use the built-in timer to determine the air cleaning beforehand.


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