Therapure Air Purifier TPP240 Reviews

The Therapure air purifier TPP240 uses the trademark HEPA type filter to clean air of dust particles and pollen. It effectively traps smoke and is also equipped with a Photo catalyst that gets rid of the household toxins and chemicals.

Therapure air purifier TPP240 review

The Therapure Air Purifier TPP240 is meant for rooms that is medium in size or for walk in closets. This air purifier can also be effective in large rooms.

The Therapure air purifier is perfect for removing odors and pollutants for medium to large sized rooms. The air filter system that Therapure comes equipped with is not only easy to use but also very simple to clean.

The purifier also has an inbuilt ultraviolet blue light. This is an optional feature of the Therapure air purifier and used as a germicide. This UV light kills germs and viruses that may exist in the air or on the surface and cleans the air.

Therapure air purifier comes loaded with the three-way purification system that is together so effective that it even removes the volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that are found in carpet fumes and paint.

The clean air delivery rate of the Therapure air purifier is 137 for smoke, 132 for pollen and 155 for dust. These specifications together prove to be very effective and make it a powerful air purifier. It comes certified with an energy star and helps save on electricity bills.

Therapure air purifier TPP240

Another positive aspect of the TPP240 is that it does not require any change of filter form time to time. Thus, improving the utility aspect of it and proving to be very cost effective. All that you need to do to maintain the purifiers performance is to simply clean the filter occasionally.

Therapure air purifier has an inbuilt alarm in the form of a light indicator to signal when it is time to clean the filter. This is a convenient feature for you as do not have to keep track of the filter clean up as a user.


And it is really very easy to clean the filter of the Therapure air purifier. It is extremely user friendly. All you need to really do is, simply remove it filter from the machine (it comes out really easy) and use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. You can use your regular vacuum cleaner to clean the filter and can even use normal hair dryer. It is extremely hassle free and costs you nothing.

It has a digital display that is simple to control. The Therapure air purifier also has a automatic timer that you can use to set the time for to on and off. Thus, it starts working automatically when you want.


The Therapure air purifier has other noticeable features that make it a good choice for customers who want clean air at home. This air purifier is equipped with a n/off button for volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and ultraviolet rays, a 24 hour automatic timer, a fan with 3 speed option and a digital display panel that is easy to use with a lot of useful features. The ultraviolet button that has a on/off feature is for the ultraviolet light that kills germs, airborne bacteria’s and viruses.

The Therapure air purifier is loaded with features that guarantees its user pure air to breathe. It not only purifies the air in your home from germs, pollen, dust, and bacteria but also from harmful and toxic fumes that comes from paint and carpets. These features make it an effective and powerful air purifier.

As if the Therapure air purifier was already not loaded with some solid features, it also comes with an ionizer. The ionizer in the purifier comes with an on and off button and is used for instant revitalization of air. It is comes in a very sleek look at with dimensions of 7.9 x 26.1 x 9.6 inches. Very handy to carry and weighs just 10.3 pounds.


  • It is very stylish and sleek to look at with a hemi-spheric design
  • Very simple and user friendly
  • Extremely simple to maintain and can be easily cleaned with a normal vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer
  • Cost effective as saves electricity and easy on maintenance


  • There are home air purifiers with better filtration capabilities.
  • A bit noisy and irritating on its highest setting, but you can adjust to a low setting
  • Light does not go off, very hard to sleep through

Overall, the Therapure Air Purifier TPP240 is one of the better options available in the market, as it is effective and easy on maintenance.

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