Therapure Air Purifier TPP640 Review

Factually, the air inside your house is more polluted than the air outside! Sometimes it is even dirtier than air near a highway or an industrial factory. The air in your house forms small particles that cannot be seen, such as dust, pollen, and mold.

In addition, there are gas pollutants, formed by cleaning products, paints, varnishes, gas & wood stoves, and new carpet. All of these pollutants can be dangerous for your health especially if you have asthma.

Therapure Air Purifier TPP640

However, there is no need to worry. TPP640 therapure air purifiers keep you protected! This latest air cleaner works twice as efficiently as other cleaners. This is the best of the best of all the purifiers ever produced!

HEPA type filters provide the ability to remove dust and smoke and other large particles making it your first choice when thinking of buying an air purifier! Whereas other air purifiers are limited to microparticles, Therapure TPP640 air purifiers are unlimited.

Gone are the days when you had to separate flu victims for fear of contracting! The new Therapure air purifier TPP640 has a U.V feature that gives the ability to kill germs. It provides protection to help reduce germs in the air, bacteria and also viruses.

Product description

Apart from that, this extraordinary device contains an air quality monitor. This amazing feature automatically adjusts purification based on indoor air. Therefore, when it is too dusty, it automatically cleans the air.


Now with Therapure air purifier tpp640, moving will be very easy! It has a comfortable built-in handle so that makes it easy. Therapure purifiers give you control of your air. It seems crazy, this allows you to control your air using three different speeds: slow, fast enough, fast.

In addition, it has a timer to turn off automatically 1 to 24 hours. Previous air purifier models were admittedly consuming a lot of energy, well, not the Therapure air purifier tpp640! This certified Energy Star ensures that it provides energy saving technology without the price. With this extraordinary beauty, you can control the air without moving.

No matter how clean your house is, it is never free of airborne chemicals. Therapure air purifier tpp640 guarantees 5 stages of purification. It has a photocatalyst filter which helps reduce harmful chemicals in the air that cause toxic fumes.

Household chemicals, paint fumes, chemical emissions from new carpet, indoor air pollution and odors can all cause toxic fumes. It has a powerful fan with ION increasing the impulse of clean and pure air back into the room.


1. It is quite portable

2. It is highly efficient due to its HEPA filter

3. It is quiet

4. It is very easy to operate. All you need is the remote control it comes with

5. It has a dirt sensor which ensures your air is always clean

6. It has a washable pre-filter which is not common among high-rated models


Every great invention has minor setbacks. The Therapure is no exception some of its cons are:

1. It is quite expensive

2. The cost of maintaining it is quite high as well. Depending on usage, it is essential that you replace the carbon filters every three months and the primary filter annually.

3. The filter produces some ozone, a lung irritant.

Pressure continues to rise on the makers of popular devices that in many cases promise to clean the air in your room. But this is not the case. You spend 90% of your time indoors, unconsciously breathing in air containing pollutants which can eventually lead to serious health complications or even death! There is no way you can prevent these contaminants from accumulating in the air.

The best you can do is clean your air. So while doing this why not invest on something worthwhile? Something durable? Something effective? The Therapure air purifier TPP640 is an investment worth venturing into and is additionally guaranteed to meet all your needs. Improve your indoor air quality by purchasing the Therapure air purifier TPP640!

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