Safeguard Your Family with Therapure Air Purifier

Quality air purifier is vital for good health. The air within a home is averaged 5 to 10 times dirtier than outside air due to the tight seals surrounding the home, and people spend the large amount of their time at home.

As individuals happen to be more aware of the benefits of air purifiers, choosing the right air purifier has become confusing due to continuous manufacture of a lot of models. It is easy to be confused with the sizes, designs, options and the prices. In this case, Therapure air purifier is the best choice as it designed to improve the air quality in your home with UV germicidal protection

Therapure air purifiers
The manufacturer’s reputation must be considered and listen to or read the experiences of purchasers using the product, its reliability, durability and overall quality. Clean Air Delivery Rate or CADR should be considered as well.

CADR will tell you just how much air is purified and how well the unit cleans the air particularly pollen, tobacco smoke and dust. A greater CADR rating means the unit purifies air more effectively than those having low CADR rating.

When you compare purifiers regardless of price, brand and design, listed below are few things on what to look for when buying air purifier. Check the area which can be covered by the unit to ensure that the square footage listed is slightly higher or just about the same with the measurement of the room in which the unit is intended for.

A unit must run incessantly for steady air cleaning, so compute your possible utility bill prior to purchasing one. Multiply the volts and amps listed which will result to watts. Extra features are the bells and whistles of the unit. Although they make controls and operation a lot better, you are basically paying extra for them.


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