Review Of Therapure HEPA Filter System with Permanent Filter

This is why neither from me, my cat and I am. what you’re looking at is the therm appear unit that I recently purchased. In my bedroom my ceiling fan was just clogged with dust and I had to clean it just about once or twice a month. Most of the time it had a little dust but it was still dust.

therapure air purifier reviews



So I started to think about buying a filter, a filtration system. something that would reduce some of the lint in the air and especially this time of the year, when clothes and hay fever and all other things start to happen, happening.

Anyway I went online and I started looking at a filtration system that had a permanent filter and I found one at my local amazon. This one is a permanent help helper filter. It use low-power is on right now on love but you can barely hear it. I’m going to turn it to medium and you can hear it a little better.

HEPA Filter Air Purifier

My cat just loved that humming sound that it makes and she loves laying near it, just to hear the sound. for me it cleaned the air and it has three speeds low medium and high. It also has UV lighting which reduces some of the airborne germs and bacteria, bacteria. The unit that you are looking at is Germ Guardian AC5250PT.

I am pleased with this unit because it has reduced the dust, the pollen and since I have a cat, it also helps with that. now whether you get the same results that I have, I don’t know. But I’m just sharing with you what it has done for me.

This unit is made by in vision which is under the labor of thermo Pierre. I purchase at the amazon for about $129.99. To me it was worth every penny, because I’m breathing better and even it’s good for one room.

When I go to other areas of my house I can tell the difference because they don’t have a unit. Again it worked for me it may not work for you,  I’m just sharing to let you know, thumbs up, have a great day.

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