Levoit LV H133 Air Purifier Review: Big Room? No Problem!

Hi, i’m march from the safe healthy home. Today we’re going to take a look at this air purifier. This is made by Levoit. It’s the LVH 133, it’s a big air purifier and it’s designed to cover large areas up to 538 square feet and it’s big.

It’s about 2 feet high and the diameter is just a little over 12 inches wide. Even though it’s big, it’s not very heavy, It weighs about 18 pounds so it’s easy to pick up and you can move it wherever you need to have it and it has a nice long cord at six and a half feet long so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a place to plug it in.

I’ve turned this around so you can see the actual air filter it’s inside this compartment here that’s it. It has three layers of filtration. The first layer is a mesh that stops big particles like lint and hair and then you have the white pleated HEPA filter and that is what blocks the really tiny particles and then there’s a layer of activated carbon and that absorbs odors.

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This is very easy to replace when it’s time and by the way you’ll need to replace it about every six to eight months. You just slide the new one in and put back on and you’re done. Also inside here is a dust sensor. It uses an infrared light to detect dust particles in the air that helps the air purifier to know when to change the speed so how does this work anyway well the air is pulled in through these vents on the bottom it goes through the air filter inside which traps the contaminants and then the fresh air is blown out this 360-degree vent and it recirculates the fresh air through the broom now let’s look at the controls for this to turn it on you press the power button the fan is on medium it always remembers the last set that you used to change the speed of the fan you press this button this is high it’s loud but it’s not too loud it’s not annoying and then this is the low speed it’s very quiet.


I can barely hear it and I’m right next to it you can also choose to put it in auto mode and when you do that the settings will change according to the quality of your air so if you start to get some contaminants in the air it’s going to speed up the fan and the color of this ring will change blue means that the air quality is very good green means it’s good orange is moderate and red is bad if it turns red the fan is going to be blowing on the the fastest speed and I’ll show you how that works in a minute you can also put it in sleep mode this button here and that slows the fan down even slower than the low speed you really can’t hear it at all but you can still feel that there’s air moving if you want to turn the display lights off press the display off button there you can turn them back on like that or just by pressing any other button will turn the display back on there’s also a timer you can set it from anywhere from one hour up to twelve hours and it’ll start a countdown and then the air purifier will turn off when it counts down to zero the last indicator here is the check filter indicator when that turns on that’s to remind you to take out your filter and check it to see if it needs to be cleaned or if it needs to be replaced.

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ok now I want to show you how this works in auto mode and in order to do that I’ve lit a couple of candles it’s nobody in my house smokes anyway I’m going to blow them out it’ll make some smoke and we’ll see how the air purifier handles it it should change colors and the fan speed should change.

So here goes now, it’s green and it’s on low orange. it’s on medium and now it’s red the air quality is bad and it’s on high so we’ll see how long it takes for it to turn back to blue now it’s orange it’s slowing down now it’s green so it’s on low and I apologize that the colors aren’t showing up exactly right on the video and now we’re back to blue so the air quality is very good again and that’s the LVH 133 HEPA air purifier from Lavoit.

I think this is a great choice if you have a large room like a kitchen living room a large master bedroom or maybe an office it’s going to do a great job of taking out odors from cooking smoking pets chemicals. it can help to control dust and dust mites pollen and spores too I also really like the ease of use and the automotive is really great you can just set it and forget it.

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