Levoit Air Purifier Filtration with True HEPA Filter Review

Looking for a multi-functional air purifier that will keep pace with you? Then, Levoit Air Purifier is one of the best options for you to enjoy fresh air with safe and user-friendly experience.

levoit air purifier review

What benefits do you expect from your air purifier?

  • Protection against the effects of pollution?
  • Alleviation the symptoms of allergies?
  • Removal of dust, pet dander and pollen?
  • Elimination of harmful bacteria and mold spores?
  • Reduction of smoke, odors, and chemical fumes?
  • Circulation of clean air and revitalizing your home environment?


Levoit Air Purifier Review

Then, why not Levoit Air Purifier?

Yes, if you’re looking for the right air purifier for your lifestyle, Levoit Air Purifier Filtration with True HEPA Filter is just for you that meets your needs best. This is one of the best air purifiers in terms of quality, style and value.

levoit stage filtration


No matter whether you’re at home or at hard work, Levoit is just right next to you to provide fresh air.

In addition, this efficient little device with three stages of filtration will not only improve your indoor air quality but also help you to breathe easier and live better.

And you don’t need to spend a lot on this air purifier.

Moreover, this best performing air purifier helps those with asthma and allergy symptoms.

You won’t, but surprised to see all its great features including ozone free safe operation, quiet running mechanism, 3-speed fan, nightlight function, and much more.

What Comes In The Box

levoit package contents

1x True HEPA Air purifier unit

Size: 9.7 x 9.8 x 14.6 inches

Weight: 6.6 pounds

levoit size


1 x True HEPA filter

1 x Fine Preliminary Filter

1 x Activated Carbon Pre-filter

User Manual


Product Features

Let’s have a look at all of its great features.

Patented Filtration Technology

This Air Purifier is integrated with the true purifying technology with the HEPA filter, Fine Preliminary Filter, and Activated Carbon filter.

But how do these air filters work to ensure fresh air like outside?

Great questions!

True HEPA Filter- To Filter Allergens

This air purifier is designed for large spaces, up to 300 square feet. This True HEPA technology makes it perfect to use in large rooms around your home or in your office.

One big advantage of this true filtration system is that it captures airborne pollutants such as pollen, dust, and pet dander as small as 0.3 microns and thus block 99.97% harmful particles.

Fine Preliminary Filter-To Neutralize Airborne Particles

The great benefit of the Fine Preliminary Filter is it captures and neutralizes airborne bacteria, mold, pet dander & fungi.

Activated Carbon Pre-Filter- To Reduce Unwanted Odor

The activated carbon filter not only captures the bigger particles floating around in the air and neutralize these harmful pollutants, but also eliminate odors such as cigarette smoke, cooking smells, and pet odors.

Ozone-Free Air Purification

The Levoit Air Purifier is safe for your respiratory system. Being a non-ionic air purifier, this unit never emits any negatively charged ions into the air of the room.

Multi-Functional Operation

This air purifier isn’t just an air purifier, it’s a fan as well as a nightlight. The combination of these functions gives you multiple options for improving the comfort of your home.

3-Speed Fan Settings

Does your air purifier really keep pace with you?

Dear reader, obviously Levoit takes care of your feeling.

You’ve the freedom to change it according to your desire- high, medium or low fan speed settings.

Nightlight Function- Lights Up Your Path

It’s not a dream. It’s real.

You’ll not only enjoy cleaned-up breathing space, but also light up your path with two brightness settings.

Quiet Operation

Like to wake up in the morning way less congested?

The quiet operation (just a gentle hissing on fan setting level 3) of this air purifier ensures your quiet sleeping environment.

Technical Details

Manufacturer                          LEVOIT

Model number             LV-H132

Color                           White

Product Group              Home

Filter Type                   True- HEPA filter

Fine Preliminary Filter

Activated Carbon filter

Fan setting                    3 options

Coverage                       Up to 300 sq. ft

Warranty                                 2-Year Warranty


What Do The Owners Say?

The stream of happy users of this product is just satisfied with this purchase. Asthma sufferers, as well as those who suffer from allergies, commented that after having this unit in their home their indoor allergy symptoms have lessened. Finally, they’ve found relief and now they’re living a normal life. The users are satisfied with its quiet operations as well as the nightlight function that allows them to turn the lights off at night. They also recommended this as a gift for their dearest ones.


Convenient And Easy To Operate-

Especially considering the different settings and easy to access with simply an easy twist on the bottom panel.

levoit air purifier

Powerful and Efficient Filter Technology

Best for removing bacteria, pet dander, mold spore & fungi from the air quickly and effectively.


Recommended for anyone with allergies, nasal stuffiness. Emit no harmful substance or ozone.

Compact and Good Looking

Its design allows it to fit in most rooms, whether it’s a studio bedroom or well-stocked office desk without crowding your space.

levoit size

Well-Built And Quiet

A well-built machine that runs quietly while you sleep.

User-friendly and affordable-

For budget minded people, it’s a great option.



Some off-gassmay emit in the beginning from a new unit. But this isn’t a consistent problem.

Mechanical noise-

It may produce mechanical noise during initial set-up. But it’ll subside after regular usage.

Who Should Buy This Product?

This is an amazing product for those who

– are suffering from asthma or sensitive to allergens.

– are pet owners, or have babies or children.

– prefer multi-function in a single appliance.

These are the good reasons to buy this product!

levoit true HEPA Filter

Final Verdict & Recommendation

Are you ready now to purchase Levoit Air Purifier with confidence?

Hopefully, for them who are confused to select the best air purifier from numerous models and brands available in the market today, this review can be a great starting point.

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If you really want to remove common irritants, harmful particles and unpleasant odors from your environment and like to make allergy season more pleasant, look no further.

Bring peace of mind back to your home with Levoit Air Purifier.