How to Wrap Your Portable Air Purifier

How to apply your designer rap to the portable air purifier. First you’ll want to clean the outside surface of the purifier with a damp cloth. and then let the surface dry completely. Next remove the wrap from the backing paper. then start by lining up the wrap against the edge of the power Inlet.

You’ll also want to align the wrap with the top and bottom edges of the purifier. and slowly adhere the wrap as you go around. It’s important to note here that you don’t want to pull or stretch the wrap too much at this point as it could damage the wrap and cause it not to fit properly.


it is okay though to gently stretch it around the curves of the unit to assure it fits as accurately as possible. Encountering air bubbles, the wrap is air permeable so all you have to do is gently press out the bubbles with your finger as you go along.

If at any point you realize you didn’t line up the wrap quite right, that’s okay you can carefully peel it off and try again.