How to Effectively Clean a “Disposable” HEPA Filter

In this article we’re gonna show you something that big companies do not want you to see. Yes you can wash your HEPA filter cartridges. I’ve had this homes air purifier HEPA filter for close to 10 years and I’ve never purchased a replacement filters set for it now.

how to clean hepa filter

The filters are not cheap and they’re only supposed to last anywhere from 6 months to a year depending on the conditions. when the filter reaches its end of life you’re supposed to just throw it away and buy another one. it’s not only cost you a lot of money in the long run but also sends a lot of unneeded trash to the landfill.

Right now these may not be in stock because of the high demand and even if they are in stock he may not want to expose yourself by going down to the store and purchase these, or you don’t want to wait for them to ship to you, or you realize that these filters are actually built so well

You can wash them multiple times and never have to buy a new one. I’ve developed a way of cleaning these filters at home simply, cheaply, and anyone can do it. The first step is to remove just one filter will be doing one filter at a time in this process.

Next fill a sink with hot water as the sink is filling up we’ll add a small amount of laundry detergent to it it can be a dry or liquid laundry detergent doesn’t really matter. This MA make sure it’s all dissolved and mixed with the water.

Now if you have very sensitive hands you may want to wear gloves while doing this. Once the sink is full will immerse the dirty filter into this solution. and now will begin to kind of agitate it and kind of wash the fluid through the filter letting it flow through the filter.

You’ll probably be a little disgusted and surprised just how much debris and junk this filter has collected over the months. now remember you’re dealing with wet paper here, so resist the urge to blast this thing with a with a strong water nozzle it will mess up the paper.

Next we’ll just let it soak for about 15 minutes in this solution. if you want to soak it for longer than that that’s fine. now we’ll just drain off all that dander and pollen and Coronas right down the drain. and now we’ll rinse it out again
filling the sink with hot water.

Pretty much do the same thing we did when we had it in the soap solution just kind of agitated and let the water flow through the filter. now as an option if you want to really make sure that the filter is sterile you can add some bleach to it without destroying the media.

Okay, now we’ll dry the filter out, again the emphasis here is to avoid damaging the wet filter medium the paper by setting the wet filter on top of a folded up towel terry cloth towel the water will be whipped out of the filter into the towel. This is really effective and it only takes about 30 minutes for the to get to the point for the next step.

And again we want to protect that delicate paper but you don’t want to bless it with a stream of air, or damage it with a heat gun or a hairdryer just let it do its thing it’ll work. Now after 30 minutes the filter is still slightly damp but it’s enough to prevent a lot of air flow going through it. This is the reason why we’re doing one filter at a time.

Well reinstall it into the machine and then put it on low and just let the air dry it out. It might take two maybe three hours for it to dry out, but if you put both filters in there wet, it may take six or eight hours for it to dry. So do one at a time. We have now effectively washed the disposable HEPA filter and saved a lot of money.

The filter that you’re looking at has been cleaned this way approximately 20 times if not more. think about how much money I’ve saved over the year. It’s almost as clean as a brand new filter, but it’s cleaner than a brand new filter that’s been in service for just a few days. I hope you enjoyed this, thank you.


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