Honeywell Quietclean HFD-120Q Air Purifier Review

I am using Honeywell air purifier for the past 6 months. Based on my Honeywell HFD-120-Q review, I would say this is the best air purifier in the market I have ever used so far. I never intended to use it until my friend recommended it.

Since he was suffering from respiratory ailments, his doctor suggested him to use an air purifier of a good quality. His conditions are better now and the credit goes to Honeywell purifier. Seeing improvement in his conditions, even I thought to give it a try and amazingly, it worked.

I never wanted to inhale those pollutants in the air that invite deadly diseases. So, I was always looking for a healthier alternative. Luckily, I have got the one that has improved my quality of life and well-being, of course!

Honeywell HFD120Q Review

What Makes Me Rely On Honeywell Air Purifier?

I relied on the name, Honeywell, because it is a reliable brand in the market that has a strong presence since 1906. Headquartered in New Jersey, the Honeywell has a collection of some of the finest air purifiers. Fortunately, I have got the one and seeing its positive impact on my life.

HFD-120-Q has just recently been introduced in the market. It’s known for effectively eliminating the airborne pollutants out of the dwellings or wherever you keep it. I am impressed with the way it optimizes the air inside the living space. I can feel it with every breath, literally.

The product is just amazing and that reflects from its impressive filtration mechanisms. Its air cleaning mechanism works effectively to trap and kill the bacteria before they could reach your respiratory system. Helpful right? In fact, it is.

There couldn’t be a better option around than Honeywell HFD-120-Q which comes with energy star rating. I was so impressed with its powerful cleaning system that I bought it at the first glance when I came to know about its great features. Let’s take a deeper look at its exciting features and functions.

honeywell hfd-120-q

Some Lucrative Features of HFD-120-Q That Impress Me

There are a plenty of air filtration systems being sold in the market. Each one differs with the others in its mechanism of eliminating airborne dust particles and bacteria. A majority of these cleaning purifiers use several filtrations at once to get the air cleaned for you.

But how would you know which filter is better for you because all of them working on almost the same filtration mechanism? This is what I was wondering the moment when I was choosing among several air purifiers.

But then, I read Honeywell HFD-120-Q Review saying that it utilizes HEPA filtration mechanism. It is equipped with AHAM certified unit that’s renowned for its effective air purification mechanism. That made me chose this product. It’s perfect for use in a closed space of about 100 and 200 square feet.

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When it comes to cleaning the product, things couldn’t be easier than in the case of HFD-120-Q. Even a lazy person could do all the cleaning stuff in a while. How is that possible? Well, the unit contains permanent IFD filter, cleaning it comes like a breeze.

All it takes is just a little vacuuming and you are done with cleaning part that could be overwhelming in other air purifiers in the market. Isn’t that easy? At least it is for me.

honeywell hfd-120-q review

It has got many features which impressed me. The one that got my most attention was its built-in ionizer. It doesn’t let the charged particles suspending in the air to reach your nose. It churns them down into very fine pieces that stick to its filter. From there, you can easily clean them off by using vacuum cleaning. No more worry about airborne dust like I used to worry before using this air filter.

I appreciate the way Honeywell air filter works to get rid of airborne particles that invite health conditions. Its amazing filters are powerful enough to catch those pollens, dust and tobacco smoke that are a health hazard.

It even catches down the dust particles as tiny as 2 microns that impress a health conscious person like me. I make sure that the air filters keep running throughout the day for better results and a healthier environment.

Guess what impresses me the most about this product? It is the impressive rate of air circulation that ensures fresh air reaches every nook and corner of the room or the place where you put it. That means, no corner of your room will have stagnant air.

Its impressive air circulation rate ensures to circulate the air in your room at a minimum of 5 times within an hour. Impressive right? That’s why I am using it in my dwelling. Moreover, it works silently to give you fresh air to breathe.

It never bothers your sound sleep instead makes the place better by circulating fresh air in the room. It saves a lot of energy with its air cleaning unit that comes with energy star ratings.

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Pros of HFD-120-Q Air Purifier

· It Runs Quietly To Clean Air:

I love the quiet and charming way its silent air purifier works. It won’t disturb your sleep with its fan noise. The product is really worthy to place in the bedroom or near your studying table or anywhere that demands quietness.

· Its Maintenance Comes Handy:

With detachable parts, it’s pretty easy to perform maintenance periodically. It doesn’t make you feel exhausted while doing the maintenance work. Cleaning the trapped particles is as easy as vacuuming them.

Cons of Honeywell HFD-120-Q

· Its System lacks True HEPA Filter:

Though its 3-step filtration system does a good job in capturing dust particles, still it comes with a limitation. It lacks miserably to catch dust when the airborne particle size is less than 2 microns. This means certain bacteria and allergens can escape through its filters.

· Cools Off The Place

It throws the air all around like a fan. Its oscillating features tend to make the temperature go down. This often makes the surrounding a little colder that may not suit some people.


Altogether, in my Honeywell HFD-120-Q review, the product is awesome. I will recommend its use in your bedroom or any other space in your dwelling. It fits at any place where you want to keep the tranquility at its best without compromising the air quality.

Using Honeywell air purifier, rest assured that you get cleaner and fresh air the way I am blessed with it. It’s so easy to clean that I don’t need to shed off the sweat the way I was when I was using the other brand’s air filters.

It’s truly a remarkable product that I am proud of keeping in my home enjoying every moment of clean air like never before. Highly recommend Honeywell HFD-120-Q!

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