AIRMEGA 300S Air Purifier Review

This product is the advanced Wi-Fi networked advanced air purification device. The purifier networks with the app on your phone and utilizes a sequence of fans, HEPA filters and sensors to scrub contaminants from your surrounding automatically. It’s an appealing system that could simply perform in small and medium rooms.

AIRMEGA 300S Air Purifier Review

AIRMEGA 300S Air Purifier Review

Features and design

It is a big box, at 21.2 X 13.6X 13.6 inches (HDW) and 9.7 kgs. But concerning the boxes, it’s an appealing one. Usually in grey accents with white, with a black upper panel and black feet, and perforations on the surface of its surface that suck air in and add visual attraction.

The upper panel is where the physical on/off button is located in the bottom right corner, and they are located on one side LEDs that alert Sleep state, fan speed, and Smart mode; with a low, a medium, and a high adjustment. Below the LEDs is a smooth touch icon that cycles around states of the surrounding.

On the other side, you’ll notice two filter switches, each of them has an in-built light indicator. One is for the Pre-filter, that trapsbig particles in form of dust, fur, and hair and another is meant for the corresponding filter, which captures 99.97 percent of pollutants, pollen, and other particles.

If a switch is switched on, it’s an excellent opportunity to clean (on account of a Pre-filter) or supplant the comparing filter, at that point long press the catch to adjust the marker light. It is now simple to pull outboth sides of afilter to supplant a filter. Substitution filter cost about 99 dollars to 129 dollars.

AIRMEGA 300S Air Purifier

Over the filter switches is a network materialistic icon that gleams when the system is not networked, sparkles strongly when arranged, or kills in case there isn’t any network. The light image sits on its right side; touching it flips the quality of air pointer, a roundabout, speckled appearance on the systems face.

It shines blue and green when the nature of air is Good, yellow and green if it’s alright, peach if it’s not beneficial, and pink if it is not helpful by any means. The 300S fittings into a divider outlet utilizing a joined interlaced power cord.

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The systems installation is simple. To begin with, are required to expel the packaging from the filter. The corresponding filtershould be inserted first before you can embed Pre-filter.

A progression of scores just direct the filters into put. Once they are set up, you can insert as an afterthought covers, connect the power link to, and turn on the purifier. The entire procedure takes not very many minutes.

When it’s setup, download the systems Application for free onto your cell phone, install and open then take after the directions on-screen to associate it to your internet connection.


Execution and Application

Once associated, the application’s primary screen shows comparative air quality marker you get on the item. In the pointer ring comesa graphic that demonstrates the present fan velocity, that you can adjust by clicking.


Underneath, are images for similar controls you’ll discover on the item itself, alongside a schedule and clock symbol, which licenses you to adjust the schedule.

There’s additionally a display that demonstrates the outside quality of air (you can pick different areas), and adjust the system to forward warnings about air clean and filter to your cell phone.

A graphical show of quality of air history with information worth a year is gotten to using a structured presentation symbol in the upper corner of the application. Adjustments are within the top left; still in that sub-menu, you can give your product a name, set suggestions to clean the corresponding filter, and flip Smart state adjustments.

Airmega 300S indicator

Airmega 300S air purifier, in cutting edge state, the fan velocity consequently set given the natural air quality. Rest mode utilizes an in-built light sensing device to sense when the space has been dim.

And the surrounding has been spotless for three minutes, and will naturally control utilization and decline commotion. Fortunately, you won’t need to be concerned much about the confusion in any case.

The Airmega 300S air purifier comes to about 1,256 sq.ft., that is a more extensive territory than rivals. Be that as it may, despite everything it works impeccably for little to medium rooms,

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There are likewise some detectable defers when endeavoring to see the recorded air quality information. When it has stacked, however, it’s exceptionally cool. The diagram changes hues relying upon the measure of contaminants in the encompassing space, like the systems front light. The quality of air in the space stays excellent for a whole day.

To bring in some variety, you can exhaust a vacuum cleaner full of canister flotsam and jetsam ideal by the Airmega, encompassing into a dust storm. The application rapidly changes shading and sends a push warning that the enclosed space quality of air is not beneficial by any stretch of the imagination.

It at that point quickly changes over to average (mediocre), at that point returns to Good with hardly a pause in-between. There is no report of the adjustment in the Indoor Quality of Air diagram screen, perhaps because it this is a highly concise change.


  • The Airmega incorporates up to 1,256 square feet, which is a more extensive territory than contenders we’ve surveyed.
  • Snappy outline
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Sets calendars and clocks
  • Silent


  • Costly
  • Occasionally laggy Application
  • There is no remote control included, so you are required to utilize the physical controls or your cell phone Application to control the Airmega.


The System is a lovely propelled air purifier that’s hard to prescribe at this cost. For a similar sum, you could purchase three Honeywell HPA250Bs, that likewise offer application organizing, though through Bluetooth ideally than the Wi-Fi connection.

Additionally, a Dyson Pure Cool Link, that serves as a wavering fan (and conveys a top-notch value itself) is shabby. If you can control the cost of and you’re searching for cutting edge, a quiet air cleaner, the whole system is an enchanting alternative.

However, its present-day Wi-Fi and styling availability aren’t taken agreeable. Click here to check the price at amazon.