Rainbow Rainmate Air Purifier Buying Guide and Reviews

Read our Rainbow air purifier review and what customers say about it before purchase so you can decide whether this product suits your need.

Here’s a product from rexair that I’m sure you’ll love. It’s called the rainbow rainmate and although small, it can make a big difference in your home by providing fresh smelling gently scented air.

The rainmate is simple to use, just fill the basin with fresh pure water, add a few drops of your favorite rainbow fragrance then place the rainmate on a countertop nightstand or other out-of-the-way spot. Plug it in and turn it on.

The rainmate will recirculate the air in the room and gently infuse it with the nature inspired scent of your choosing. You can also use rainbows fresh air concentrate as well as any of rainbows assorted fragrances including our spa inspired luxury collection.

It’s another way rexair is committed to improving the environment in each and every home. remember you can find out more about the rainmate and other rainbow products by contacting an authorised rainbow distributor.

Rainbow Rainmate Product Overview

Rainbow air purifier  is an ozone-based air purifier that effectively removes mold and odors. If these are your main problems, then this is something to keep in mind.

The Rainbow air purifier is very similar to Ecoquest (now called Vollara, formerly known as Alpine), except for the metal box instead of the wooden box. The price is also half of the Ecoquest brand, probably because Ecoquest is sold by MLM.


All our picks for the best rainbow air purifier you will find below are from the Amazon.com marketplace – we love shopping there and find it easy to compare the best rainbow air purifier since it so easy to get a great input from actual customers of the product.

5 Type of Rainbow Rainmate Air Purifier

1. New Rainbow Rainmate Il Air Freshener Purifier Room Aromatizer w/ 2 LED Lights

Rainbow Air Freshener Rainmate Purifier


  • The new Rainmate IL has two LED lights to illuminate the water and is used as a night light. There are two configurations of light blue high and low light with a blue sink to obtain a pleasant night tone.
  • Helps relieve asthma symptoms and allergy, perfect for sitting at any desk, desk or floor.
  • Rainmate uses water to capture dust and odors, returning only clean air, washing water and gently perfuming your home, disinfecting and washing water with water.
  • Disinfects water pears. It can be used for aromatherapy and has more benefits. Add any of Rainbow’s many concentrated fragrances to the water and bring a sweet, refreshing scent of nature to your home with the fragrant Rainbows collection.
  • Connects to a standard 110-volt outlet. You do not have to plug in or unplug the unit since Rainmate has an on / off switch

2. New 3 Fresh Aire machines with Rainbow Rainmate Lavender Fragrance. Black color with 6 LEDs for color change

Rainbow Rainmate Lavender Fragrance

  • 6 water-based color air purifiers that change color with the Rainbow Rainmate fragrance
  • Use professional water treatment technology to create fresh, healthy water that is water repellent
  • Produces fresh and healthy air washed with water that helps many allergic and asthmatic people
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors, bacteria, smoke and other air pollutants
  • Add 2-3 drops of fragrant oil or any of your favorite essential oils and become an aroma while simultaneously purifying the air

3. New 4 Fresh Aire Machine with Rainbow Rainmate Lavender Fragrance. Black Color with 6 LED Color Changing Lights

4 Fresh Aire Machines



  • Water-based air purifier with 6 color-changing LED lights, including Rainbow Rainmate perfume
  • Use professional water purification technology to create clean, fresh water to rinse with water
  • Water fresh and healthy air with water to help many allergic and asthmatic patients
  • Eliminates odors, bacteria, secondhand smoke and many other air pollutants
  • Add 2-3 drops of essential oil or any of your favorite oils that become spices while cleaning the air

4. Rainbow Air Freshener Rainmate Aromatizer Purifier Room Filter 2 LED Light New

Air Freshener Rainbow Rainmate Purifier

  • The new Rainmate IL has two LED lights to illuminate the water surface and can also be used as a night light. It has two levels of light settings, so they work with the blue sink to achieve a beautiful night tone.
  • Helps relieve allergies and asthma symptoms in the perfect size at any table, table or classroom floor.
  • Rainmate uses water to absorb dust and odors, returning only clean air, washing it with water and gently breastfeeding families, disinfecting the water and cleaning the air.
  • Disinfect and purge the air with water. It can be used in aromatherapy and for a variety of purposes. Add Rainbow’s many concentrated fragrances to the water and use the Rainbow ™ perfume collection to bring a fresh, sweet and natural fragrance to your home.
  • Connect to a 110 volt power outlet. Rainmate has on / off switches so you do not have to plug in the device.

5. New 3 Fresh Air Machines with Rainbow Rainmate Eucalyptus Fragrance. Has 6 LED Color Changing Lights

3 New Fresh Air Machines


  • Six water-based air purifiers with Rainbow Rainmate scented color LED lights
  • Create fresh, healthy water using professional water treatment techniques
  • Produce fresh, healthy water and help many allergic and asthmatic patients
  • Remove odors, bacteria, disinfection and many other air pollutants
  • Add 2-3 drops of off-flavor oil or any of your favorite oils while purifying the air and becoming a fragrance

Rainbow Rainmate Air Purifier Review

Today I’m really excited to talk to you about this cool little gadget. This is the rainmate by rainbow. This is a air sanitizer room aromatize, air freshener that works better than any air freshener I’ve ever used in my life.

it’s awesome and and this is not a gadget that we found ourselves. this is something some friends of ours found, and we saw it at their house. They have cats, and they have a room where they have the litter boxes and you know those things smell awful.

They have one of these in there you never you can go in their sin right mix the litter box and you would never smell like we’re like oh that’s awesome.

rainbow rainmate pros and cons

so we’ve all done for our house. we don’t have cats and our dog doesn’t smell. so I think he does so not really for that but just for general use we’ve had you know different like, Glade plugins and we’ve tried oil diffusers and things like that. this works better than anything we’ve ever used it is awesome.

And you can see basically put water in the basin, and then you add essential oils to this, but this isn’t an oil diffuser. If you’ve used an oil diffuser and I reviewed one in the past and they’re kind of cool you put them in there and the water it’s not really steam.

It’s like steam it comes up and it goes in the air. but you can put one of those in a small room and still only really smell the smell if you’re standing right next to it.

With this we put this on an island that’s kind of in the center of our house. our entire house will smell like whatever we choose to put in there. and now you do use essential oils with this. and it’s good to use the ones that are pharmaceutical grade.

I’ll show you the ones that we use I’ll have a link to those in the description as well because they’re really good and you want to make sure you’re using good oils but basically with this. This is not a vaporizers in a sudden or oil diffuser.

Basically this and you can see it in action this like gets the water and the oils are in the water and and it’s like it’s as if it was raining inside here. and then it pulls air in runs it through all that rain inside there. and then shoots it out.

So if you live somewhere where it rains lighter I guess anywhere you live it rains sometimes. if it hasn’t rained in a while but you you know when it’s about spring because you can smell it in the air like you can smell the rain in the air think of that except.

Imagine if the rain was infused with mint or orange or lavender or whatever smell you like that’s kind of what this does for your house.

We plug this in turn this on and mix in either mint or like sometimes we’ll do two like mint and orange turn this on after about ten minutes you can smell it throughout the entire house. and it’s also not a super strong smell because it’s just pointing the air in.

There’s no chemicals in the air that are making that smell it’s just the air is passing through here and then passing out. And it just has more of a natural version of that smell, that’s what makes this great this thing is amazing.

I’ve been singing its praises to everyone especially when we have people over there like man your house smells so good.

And we’re like this is why this is why it’s like a little miracle machine it’s not the most inexpensive thing in the world at the time of this article.

I think it is about a hundred bucks and things about what we paid for but it is well well worth it because it works so great. we use it all I do for cooking at home because you and your cooking then the smells the food just kind of linger in the house forever.

So we’ll plug this in when that’s happening and run this and it helps get rid of those smells and clear those out and replace them with good smelling essential oils. but again great product works really awesome. there are two on particular model.

There’s two settings right here and that doesn’t really change the way it works. it’s up for the LEDs. there’s a little LEDs in there, so this base and lights up when it’s in use.

It’s a very subtle light and utterly bright light, so it’s kind of cool. you could plug it in. it’s not gonna bother you or anything, but you do have the two different levels.

But other than that several product works awesome. And yet I can’t sing its praises enough as you can tell. but that’s because you know it just works so well for us and I love it.

So I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for something that will help just really you know get the good smell throughout your entire house or a large area.

Or if you’re like our friends and you have a particular room or you have a calendar box or something like that,that you need help with the smell then this.

This is the thing to get it’s really great again make sure you get the really good pharmaceutical grade essential oils that in there and you can get the smells that appeal to you the ones that you like.

And it’ll do a great job I think it’s about guarantee it anyway that’s gonna be it for this rainbow air purifier review you feel like did you please say that like button.

I’m gonna set that down that’s heavy after holding it up for so long if you know anyone who might be interested in this or someone who would benefit from having one of these, share this article with them.